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To the official website for Megahome water distillers in the United States. Megahome Corp. has been producing and the MH943 water distiller for over 20 years. The MH943 is the best and most economical countertop available today. MH943 distillers pass UL (Underwriters Laboratory) safety and certification testing as a safe consumer appliance. 

If you are looking for a compact water distiller for home or office, the Megahome distiller is for you. 

Whether you are looking to buy a distiller for personal use or looking to distribute Megahome distillers, we will make sure your experience is a pleasurable one.

About our company:

Nutriteam has been providing high quality health products to individuals and businesses for over 20 years. After 14 years in a close and cooperative relationship with Megahome Corp., we became the exclusive importer/distributor for the United States in May 2013. Our goal is to ensure that every Megahome customer gets the highest quality product and service.

This website is designed to be simple, informative, and helpful to existing and potential Megahome customers.

Questions? We are here to help!

Here is a little more info regarding Megahome Corp.

Megahome Corp. is a privately owned and operated manufacturer in Tainan City, Taiwan. They have been manufacturing the MH943 water distiller since 1993. The creation of the MH943 water distiller was a result of their own necessity to have pure water. Realizing that most water filters were insufficient or ineffective, they knew their was a need for a superior water filter that could turn any water into safe drinking water.

Megahome started up Manufacturing with just a few employees but quickly grew as global demand grew.